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TYBW EPISODE 25/26: The Master/Black

Jul 22, 2014
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Why rank episode 26 at #3? I’d place it at #1 for Shutara’s Bankai alone.
Because of time and Kon. It was a 17 minute-episode. If it was combined with Episode 25 and merged as one, then I would have placed 25-26 at number 1.

I would list down the reasons as well:

My ranking of cour 2 episodes:

1__Episode_25 (Yhwach/Ichibei/RoyalGuards/Auswahlen-1)
It was a really well-presented episode with great new soundtracks. The Auswahlen was majestic and has surpassed the manga version and well expanded. Auswahlen is probably the best moment of the cour 2.

2__Episode_20 (Kenpachi/Gremmy)
It has great replay value for a standalone episode. The battle is constant and cinematic. The lighting in the episode was probably the best in the series. The quality of the colouring is great. I put this before 26 because it is fully animated fight that has a starting and ending point and the battle does not switch to other things.

3__Episode_26 (Yhwach/Ichibei/RoyalGuards/Auswahlen-2)
This should have been merged with episode 25. Almost 90% of the people I know didn't bother to watch Kon. Shutara's bankai was great, but I didn't like the golden 3D elements of her. Not because of the colour golden, but the 3D render itself. That felt like late 90s CGI. Other elements of her bankai were great to look at. The animation of Kirio was probably the best in the episode.

4__Episode_18 (Mask/Rose/Renji/Kensei)
Animation-wise (character animation), it was probably the best in cour 2. The movements are fluid and the person who animated Mask did the justice. Easily the cleanest character animation of cour 2.

5__Episode_17 (Komamura/Bambietta)
The amazing Komamura's transformation into wolf was beautifully animated. I was at a crossroad whether to put As Nodt/Rukia episode over this, but there are some shots and animated sequence that surpassed just a little bit over As Nodt one.

6__Episode_19 (As Nodt/Rukia/Byakuya)
It was a beautiful episode. However, they started the fight too late and then had to take the place for the ending song. Overall, a solid episode. However, I felt they should have animated Rukia more, especially at the thorn scene.

7__Episode_21 (Ichigo/Femritters)
This was the second-best character animation episode for me in this cour. The person who animated Femritters really did the justice.

8__Episode_23 (Zombie Hitsugaya/Mayuri/Byakuya/Hisagi)
I hate loops. They did with Ichigo vs Quilge and here as well. Byakuya and Hisagi scene was so good.

9__Episode_14 (SoiFon/Omaeda/BG9/Hitsugaya/BazzB)
BG9 projectiles were beautiful to look at. Hitsugaya and Bazz B attacks looked visually good, but the episode lacked elongated battle. SoiFon fight was too short.

10_Episode_23 (Nimaya/Royal Sternritters/Yhwach/Uryu/Cage)
Nianzol's animation were just still images. The manga cut where Yhwach passed right beside Shutara was skipped. The good things were Nimaya fight and Yhwach freeing himself from the cage.

11_Episode_15 (Urahara pills/Bambietta/Shinji)
I hate the concept of pills. That's just me.

12_Episode_01 (The last 9 days)
The episode that's supposed to be the start of the season should always start with a bang. I get it was calm before the storm, but as a seasonal debut episode, it lacked impact.

13_Episode_22 (Mayuri, Giselle, Squad 11)
They really did a whole episode on this. It's the only episode that felt like a filler.
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