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Jul 22, 2014
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Official BLEACH lookback [episode 1-10]:

This is probably my favourite BLEACH music used in this.

As I had predicted in episode 4 that there would be no recap within the episode after that as it was supposed to be a one time thing, these edits outside the episodes are done so well building up to EBTR. I love them.
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May 12, 2013
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After last week's calmer transitional episode, we jumped back into heavy action this week. (And while I realize we cannot have excitement all the time, and that there must be set-ups and exposition, I really enjoyed this much more than our previous installment.)
The peak moment of the fight was that how scary both Zaraki and Unohana were looking ... Sorry As Nodt, they both have beaten your creepiness this time.
:rofl :lmao :rotflmao

I confess - 10 years ago, reading the Unohana vs Zaraki fight - I was confused. And a bit underwhelmed. And perhaps a bit disappointed. And also, oddly, sentimental and sad about the death of you-know-who. Or is that Uno-who? :jk It seemed to me, at the time, a pointless sacrifice.

So, I was greatly satisfied to see this fight animated, expanded and elaborated upon. I loved the additional footage of Unohana's Bankai - especially her slicing her own hand as it ran down the blade - and found myself pondering, like Ra, whether the melting deterioration down to bone was actually literal.
it really does seem as if it completely wastes away (liberal translation of the Bankai name) everything that comes in to contact with her blood.
This. Thank you @Ra for this translation and concept.

I was no longer disappointed or confused. I was able to view Unohana as a true Kenpachi, and able to see her sacrifice as something other than a plot device to serve yet another convenient power-up for an already OP Character. The sensuality of this duel, their sheer enjoyment, and the fevered pitch with which they fought was palpable. And FINALLY - believable. And worthy.

Her sacrifice finally made sense.

Now I'm sure many of you got all of that ten years ago. But I really appreciated it being revisted with respect and care. Something, I must say, is happening a lot with the anime. I have said it before, but my expectations are being exceeded and I am eagerly tuning in each week.
I have been really been enjoying the recaps and manga comparisons on YouTube by DBZimran and while I don't always agree with his every word, I found myself nodding at this week's installment and review. Having the comedic Ōetsu scenes immediately upon the heels of Unohana's death was a jarring juxtaposition.

The anime has been doing a lot of creative restructuring that has greatly enhanced the pacing and the drama, and I can't help but think they missed an opportunity here. Had they started with the comedy, then returned to the fight, ending with the banishment of Ichigo, it would have suited me better.

But I mostly dislike armchair warriors second guessing creative choices. So, let me just say I am truly thrilled with what we are getting each week and grateful for this inspired effort.

Can’t wait for ETBTR!!!
I couldn't agree more! :elmo
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Mar 31, 2014
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Finally Unohana saying bankai. It was better than last episode. Very anxious for the next one
May 21, 2017
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Key Card Translations:

About Kenpachi

"Kenpachi" is the strongest title that has been handed down in Soul Society for over a thousand years.

His name is well-known not only in Seireitei, but also throughout the Soul Society, and he has the influence to reject even the orders of the Forty-sixth Room and the nobles at times.

Always seeking to fight against those who are stronger than himself, and gaining even greater strength in battle, he overwhelms those around him, regardless of whether they are friend or foe, and sometimes attracts them.

There is only one "Kenpachi" in one era. In order to earn the name given to those who truly live and love battles, strength alone is required regardless of origin or status, and has been inherited through duels for generations.

It is customary for a person with the title of "Kenpachi" to serve as the captain of the eleventh squad within the Gotei 13, and many of the squad members are strong-willed and eager to fight at all times.



The palace of Ōetsu Nimaiya, who is recognized as the history of Soul Society itself by creating the "Zanpakuto" and is enrolled in the Zero Squad.

The unnamed Zanpakutō, Asauchi, which can be said to be the beginning of all Zanpakutō, was forged by the “God of the Sword”, Ōetsu Nimaiya.

After passing through the gorgeous and flashy signboard, you will be greeted by a gorgeous room and a crowd of gorgeous women.

The main hall of the Hōōden is a hut that stands quietly on the cliff ahead of the Galaxy Hōōden, which can be said to be a paradise.