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Translation & Contribution Rules and FAQ.

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The Gigas
Aug 24, 2001
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Even though there is many different threads, like the forum rules and faq, that covers this, they don't into much detail, so I wanted to make this thread, so everyone knows BA's expanded stance on sharing, translations and credit.

Sharing - BA will always allow any site to have access to translations/spoilers posted here, as long as there is a link to the BA post, with credit to who posted it. We will never restrict access to any section (besides the staff section) to members or non-members. Sharing of information is what the internet is, it makes a better Bleach community.

Translations - Translations/spoilers are provided by community, from people who choose to do so for free and of their own time. No one is expected to provide anything and BA is grateful for anyone or any site, that does provide the community with information. If anyone on BA wishes to restrict their translations/spoilers to just BA or not to be posted in certain places, that their prerogative, but as their choice, they will be responcible for monitoring and regulating that and not BA. Every site has their own rules, we will only enforce our own.

Credit - BA has always made sure proper credit is given to anything posted here. If someone suspects that proper credit is not being given, the staff will fix it if deemed a valid request, when we are made aware of the issue. Claiming something is your own, when it is not, has always been a bannable offence. Any dispute in claiming ownership of a translation, will be handled by me.

As always, any questions about any of this or anything else, can be PM'd to me.

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