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"The Almighty": Yhwach FC III - ☩ The Father of Quincy ☩

Jul 22, 2014
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It's been one year since the legendary fight between Yhwach and Yamamoto aired. After being BLEACH fan for over some years, if there is one character that has attracted me to this series like a glue, it's Yhwach. He has slowly become my personal favourite character of not only BLEACH, but in all of entertainment mediums and fiction. In my top 5 of all time.

Often the character is overlooked by some, but there are actually so many facets of it. His character design is incredible. His quest for reclaiming his world is handled so well. Some people say he doesn't have an objective, but what could be the biggest objective in mixing life and death which was introduced at the very beginning of the series in which chaos of the souls was explained in a see-saw manner.

There is criticism I wanted to address which is that if he wanted to create a new world, why did he deviate from his plan and instead of watching the destruction of all the realms with Ichigo, he chose to absorb Soul King? In the anime original scene, I think we got a little hint of why he did that. Absorbing Soul King within his own self, he actually completed the parts game, and, in his viewpoint, it was the only sane way of ending SK's humiliation. He had these thoughts after Ichibei's meeting where he explained that SK's existence was a humiliation. He had other parts with him like Pernida and Gerarld, but absorbing the Soul King would mean the idea of humiliation he had in his mind would remain his property that would reside within his own self.

Some would say if he decided to absorb Soul King and saw its existence humiliating, then how is he different from Aizen who also despised Soul King? We got that answer as well because absorbing Soul King in his own self would mean Aizen went against Yhwach in the end. Because Soul King was within Yhwach, it had become a property of his and he can't let sit a great power like Soul King even after stabbing him to two pieces via Ichigo. That would be another problem to deal with. He and Aizen are different with regards to overthrowing Soul King because Yhwach saw Soul King itself as a humiliating factor that brought shame to Yhwach whereas Aizen didn't see Soul King itself as a humiliating factor. Instead, Aizen couldn't withstand how Shinigamis would allow themselves to be ruled by that thing. That was the key difference. For Aizen, it didn't matter that Soul King itself was humiliating factor or not. Yhwach was blood related to him, so he felt betrayed that why his father chose that path. That betrayal wasn't integral to Aizen.

Had he left Soul King the way it was and let the three realms merge into one at that time, the entire idea of recognition of Wahrwelt would be over. People criticize that why in the end, he decided to do the exact same thing which he stopped before absorbing Soul King? There is a reason for this. Indeed he had a plan of mixing life with death, but before coming towards that, he wanted to show Shinigami his humanistic vision of how he would materialize Wahrwelt before the worlds would go back to their former state because that was supposed to be the fact, but showing Wahrwelt before that wasn't a fact. It was quite a show on the contrary. It was to show that even after genocide, Wahrwet could exist, and it didn't matter if the Sternritter would not be able to be alive or dead. It was not for them, but its existence was a symbolic significance so that Shinigamis would see and get mental burns by witnessing its mere existence. It was quite a slap. Soi Fon and Shunsui were triggered by it. Even Urahara. And who knows what would have happened to Wahrwelt had he be successful in mixing life and death. He called that one true world, so that might be a new world that was supposed to come after that.
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