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Tekken creator names BLEACH as his favourite manga

Jul 22, 2014
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As a fighting game enthusiast, I was happy to see that Harada of Tekken approves BLEACH and publicly mentions his favourite. I hope Kubo knows it and there could be a possibility for a BLEACH fighting game from either Namco (Tekken company) or Capcom (Street Fighter company) for this dream game.

I faintly remember Kubo in one of his interviews mentioned that he himself was a huge fighting game fan. It's no surprise he portrayed his interest in the manga as well and linked that with Ichigo (in the context panels). Also, Kubo mentioned in one of the volumes intro that as a oy, it's a dream to have BLEACH game as a fighting game (he was so hyped he thought BLEACH first game was a fighting one).

On the Capcom's side, Rukia's voice actor already voiced Chun Li long before Rukia was born. It would be historic to see these two iconic characters voiced by the same person in one game if it's a Capcom collaboration.

Context: Harada inquired some panels of BLEACH that is this (manga) famous outside Japan to which he gets answered that it's worldwide famous.

Also, by 'fighting game', I don't mean it as a visualization of any action games having a fight, but I am talking specifically about 'fighting game' as a genre.....i.e.

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