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[Spoiler] Failure of the Cycle of Souls

Mar 26, 2013
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First problem of this twisted cycle nobody comments is that shinigami are deliberately letting hollows be born in great numbers to fill Hueco Mundo with Souls.

Is not that souls turning into hollows is already a hard to control process but there is no real intention from the upper echelons of SS to intesify Plus salvation or purify hollows en masse.

The Vasto Lorde army destroying Soul Society was pretty much a myth made up to avoid captains seeking direct action against HM as Aizen's stunt with the arrancars revealed they were nowhere as strong as first antecipated, in fact HM's real defense so far had been insulation because shinigami can't normally travel there.

With that said, there are misteries regarding the original world that need to be addressed.

Where did shinigami came from? Who invented soul purification back then to avoid hollowfication when there wasn't even Soul Society to send them to?

Supposedly hollows were so numerous that without the Soul King constantly destroying their souls en masse they would overrun the shinigami and devour everything and even the SK decided to call it quits and create the realms when his efforts stalemated.

Why this original world was so much more in favor of hollows and who made in the first place?

In my view the answer lies in Hell.

The original SK was a prince born from the creator of the original world and he sealed his mother in Hell for as long as he lived which she answered by creating hollows in ever greater numbers and power.

Eventually a hollow so powerful would appear that even the SK would be unable to defeat it and thus the seal would break.

To avoid that outcome the realms were made thus capping hollow strenght at the known Menos evolution as long as the balance remained.

The SK's mother thus made Yhwach through a human woman bearing a piece of the SK's soul and with him the quincy race came to disrupt that balance and open the path for her release.

The death of the original SK at the hands of Yhwach and Ichigo weakened the seal tremendously thus allowing the original deity to take control of hell and the shinigami souls sent to guard the place after their conventional deaths.

Additionally the hollows grew a lot more powerful in the timeskip since the imbalance brought by the war, symbolized by Harribel, Nelliel and Grimmjow getting improved designs.

The final nail in the coffin for the current order came from Kazui through.

The kid is a reborn Soul King with the full capacity to undo the seal and free the creator from Hell which is what is going to happen at the end of the arc.

Teenage Kazui going to school with Ichika shows that at least the human world and Soul Society got smashed together into a living-dead world which for me is a dead give away that the cycle was finally destroyed by the one it was created to deter.
Mar 24, 2013
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A lot has changed since Ichigo entered the Soul Society for the first time. The Soul Society was a stagnant society and especially Hueco Mundo was an isolated world. The average Shinigami knew very little about Hollows. All of them were monsters, pure and simple, and nothing else but corrupted souls that need to be cleansed, brought into the cyle of souls.

We learned that this view of Hueco Mundo was wrong because it oversimplifies the reality. Some Hollows are sentient beings, highly intelligent who would object strongly to being cleansed. Yes, there are corrupted souls but I think most of the Hollows could be compared with animals. My theory is that at least a lot of them originated on Hueco Mundo and never have been human. The Arrancars, the Hollows were left alone and the Arrancars preferred it this way. But "globalization" (if I can call it that) blurred the lines. I am glad that the Arrancars are still being left alone by the Shinigami and that they don't enter that realm there with hunting expeditions in order to reduce the Hollow population. A war with the Arrancars would definitely be the consequence.

Shinigami see themselves as balancers, judge, jury and executioners who decide who lives and who dies. Shinigami are powerful and this position resulted in an unhealthy level of arrogance. THIS is what mainly damaged the cycle of souls. Nature teaches us that if there is a predator that needs to be controlled, such a counter force is being created. On the world of the living, these are the Quincies. They provided the balance on the World of the Living but they killed too many Hollows. Instead of working together (something Uryu and Urahara did for a short time - and it worked well!) the Shinigami committed genocide. Contrary to Hueco Mundo, humans are as a rule powerless, helpless and not even aware of the real world around them. The Shinigami can do what they want and with the Quincies nearly completely gone, nobody will stop them. This reality also means humans are inviting food for the non-sentient Hollows, easy prey.

What the Shinigami should have done is teaching Quincies how to purify a Hollow. I am sure, if both sides really wanted to, if both sides had learned to work together in an equal fashion with mutual respect, a way could have been found. Both, Shinigami and Quincies have developed impressive science using their powers in new, advanced ways.

The Shinigami see themselves now as the Hollow hunters on the world of the living. Obviously, this doesn't work very well at all. If there is an attack, someone from the Soul Society has to come from usually far away or someone who happens to be stationed has to act - which are people who are usually inexperienced, sometimes also incompetent. And there are definitely not enough. Hunting Hollows is also not a popular job for a Shinigami no matter that officially, they would say that it is their duty. Quincies were much more motivated. They were fighting for their people, as "the chosen".

I wondered from the beginning where Quincy souls go after death. They are not welcome in the Soul Sociey - maybe they end up in Hell. They don't join the cycle of souls. It seems Hell is also a dumping ground for the souls that could be a danger to the Shinigami leadership or who are against "the order of things". I wonder how true it is that they really need to go because their powers alone are dangerous. It reminds me of what has been said about the Quincies.

The books revealed that Mayuri is still able to do what he wants, that people fear him but also see him as a kind of war hero. Dead Quincies are part of his Army of the Dead (as I call it). Nobody has a problem with that, it seems. And that includes Shunsui. I am disgusted. I hope very much that we will learn much more about the fate of the Quincies in the anime.

About Shinigami souls having children - that is not new. We know that the noble houses have families, that they also have children. They need heirs and it is as a rule not an adopted one. If a Shinigami soul is strong enough, a couple can have children. Ichigo, Renji and Rukia definitely qualify. Orihime is a special case. She hasn't got a Shinigami soul (not yet) but she is an exception of the rule.

I am glad that Bleach will continue for quite some time, filling in gaps and extending the story.