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Jul 22, 2014
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A helicopter carrying Raisi (Iranian President) has crashed due to bad weather. There is no report of his death yet, but a survival is unlikely. There have have been teams formed to search for him, but they are facing difficulty as well because of bad weather.

Personal opinions:
-One less mass murderer
-One less terrorist
-One less evil

Even though in the case of his death, there would be a backup by the Iranian regime, but it would still be a disruption for the regime. Progressive Iranians threw fireworks while regressive ones are mourning. The same is true for other countries people as well. This guy killed a lot of people.

And then, there are social media buffoons who are advocating conspiracy theories that abc or xyz were behind while ignoring who had the brightest of ideas that flying a helicopter in a bad weather fog was suitable. Even if they were behind, it was his call to get in and travel in that weather condition.

Then, there are people who say one should be respectful towards Iranian people as he was their leader. Why should those be respectful to a person who abused his own people, killed a lot, and has a nexus with those who want to curb freedoms for progressive people and make this world purely dictatorial? I would rather be with the progressive minority than the regressive majority. Every person who has been abused by him or affected by him has the right to celebrate. So many loved ones died because of his actions.
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