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General Updates

Jul 18, 2016
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So, any suggestions as to what we should do? Do our passwords need to be changed, or will even that not be enough to keep us safe?
I'm honestly not sure. The Bleach reddit post specified that if anyone uses an email address and password combo on this site that they also use on other sites then they should change it on all those sites as quick as possible.

I assume that if you use your email address and password combo on this site alone then all that needs to be done is a password change to ensure safety but don't take my word for it.


The Gigas
Aug 24, 2001
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I'm not sure what can be done about this, at this point. I'll make sure Uni sees this and contacts the server hosts about it. Otherwise, as already said change your passwords if they are the same somewhere else, which hopefully you don't do that.


Jun 2, 2013
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Hey everyone and especially all those who've returned for the first time since we've made a switch to XenForo.

In case you're having troubles with the XF functionalities, take a look at our Guidelines: https://www.thebleachasylum.com/threads/general-how-to-guidelines-styled-for-xenforo.4544/

[There have been some platform wide updates regarding the Basic Text Editor that we had to adapt to, so some of the screenshots in the Guidelines are outdated. But, the Editor works pretty much the same way.]

You can read more about the changes we've made or had no choice but making in this thread: https://www.thebleachasylum.com/threads/ba-has-changed-xenforo-platform-and-miscellaneous.4519/

I would just single out the topic of avatars. In case you still have your old avatar from the time the BA was on VBulletin, it's most likely looking rather blury right now. If you don't like that, you may upload a new one; the trick being that the image has to be at least 400x400 pixels big to show up properly.

Hello all,

Despite my efforts and numerous tries, I am still unable to increase the default avatar size for the avatars as they show up within threads. The avatars were all transferred from the old platform, but they were sized down and some of them were cropped (my previous Ishida avatar was among them).

If you're not satisfied with you your avatars look, I would advise you to re-upload them as square images.

The system asks of you to upload images that are at least 400x400 pixels big.

If you upload images that are not square, they will be cropped, but at least in that case, you can move the avatar within the dialogue box to see which cropping suits you the most.

I may try to find a way to increase them again, but for now, the explanation above is my best advice to you all.