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Fan Club Rules [updated]

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Mar 24, 2013
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BA strives to be a respectful, positive community that encourages thoughtful discussion.

  • Post with courtesy. Rude or insulting posts may be edited or deleted at the moderators’ discretion.
  • Stay on topic. Pairing fan clubs should not discuss other pairings.
  • No bashing of any sort is allowed. This includes bashing other characters, pairings, and fans.
  • Single-character fan clubs should not ship the character with anyone.
  • If you post an image that may be offensive, please enclose it in a spoiler tag and post a warning.

Updated Fan Club Rules.

* All fan clubs must be made and submitted as you would any other post however in the fan clubs forums it will be viewed by a mod or admin before it is either allowed or rejected.

* Owning a FC is a responsibility you should take seriously. This means you should only become an FC owner if you are a fan of the character or pairing, if you have the time and motivation to look after it.

* It is recommended to study how an entry page is put together and how especially FCs with several versions are run before you start.

* Stay on topic, as related to the character/pairing of your fan club.

* Before making a fan club do a search and make sure that one doesn't already exist. If a fan club owner has been inactive for 3 months you may take over ownership of an FC. Please make a new FC with the same version number as the current inactive FC but add NEW to the title.

* If a fan club owner is inactive in an FC but active on BA and you want to take over the FC, seek their permission via vm or pm first.


* You may only own 5 FC's (this is to ensure every FC get's the dedication it needs). This means character and pairing FCs in total.

* If you go over 1000 posts, be warned that posts after 1000 may be deleted.

* After reaching the 1000th post the owner should start a new version. The previous one will be locked.

* The banner-size is up to the owner (but please don't make it too big)

What is "too big"? I would say, it is mainly a subjective thing. If it is looking too dominant, too overbearing, it should be smaller.

Polgarena suggested that an image should not be wider than 800px.

Here are some details about the forum skins/styles.
~ The forum body (content) width is set to around 1000px (some styles are 1050px, some 1030px, based on the forum banner width).
~ The user block (with the details about members on the left side of the posts) is around 200px wide.
~ This leaves the message block for posts around 800px wide. Any banner bigger than 800px would be compressed. That's why she mentioned that maybe banners bigger than 800px in width would be too wide.

* FC owners cannot make specific rules that must be followed, you are not mods. If there are problems in your FC click the report post button or PM a moderator.

* We do allow country FC's but these are basically so that people from the same country can socialize and get to know each other and arrange possible meetings in their community. We do not allow FC's for specific towns/states etc please stick to the country FC's. If you are caught bashing members in another language in your country FC you will be banned.

* If you do not like a pairing or character enter that FC with respect. If you post, be aware that you should proceed with caution and not start trouble. If you have an issue with something said in a fan club, use the report button or PM a mod, DO NOT take it into your own hands or start a war. This could result in an temp ban with no warning at the mod's/admin's discretion.

* Do not discuss other pairings in your pairing fan club OR characters from a rival pairing not part of your pairing. The FC should only discuss the specified pairing or character. This will be handled with at the mods discretion. Posts can be deleted without warnings. Single/Multiple offenses could result in a temp ban without warning, depending on the severity and frequency. These rules apply to everyone on the forums, including owners and co-owners of fan clubs.

* Right now, the neg rep function has been blocked. Should this ever change, be aware that neg repping any post because you don't like the character or rival pairing will not be tolerated. This would result in a ban with no warning at the mod's/admin's discretion.

(Clarification: XenForo uses the word "Reaction" instead of "Reputation")

  • There is no limit to how many clubs a member may be co-owner of.
  • Owners may choose co-owners at their discretion. There is no limit to how many co-owners a club may have.
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