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Burn the Witch (General Manga Info)

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Jul 22, 2014
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I found this recent Burn The Witch question Kubo got on Klub Outside. I tried to translate it with Google but it's terrible and doesn't make any sense. Could someone please translate it? I wish I knew Japanese xD

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It roughly translates to:

"I have a question about Magic in BTW.

In episode 0.8 which is the pilot manga, Noel-chan uses Tairyū Zettai Satsugai Hō (Anti-Dragon Absolute Kill Gun) in Front London, and in episode 1, the numbered Flute-Blowing magic called Magic appears.

Assuming that Magic and Anti-Dragon Absolute Kill Gun are similar, (since they both use magic), I believe that one of the following two factors may have caused Eru-chan (Noel) to use this un-numbered attack method in the Front.

(1) Magic is an attack method that uses a special spirit that can only be found in Reverse London via a magical vessel, whereas the Anti-Dragon Absolute Kill Gun is an attack method for the Front that does not require a special spirit.

(2) It was also an attack against a masked dragon that had been hiding for 10 years, and as a mysterious means used Anti-Dragon Absolute Kill Gun as a higher level of Magic or Magic itself.

I'm very curious about the relationship between Magic and Anti-Dragon Absolute Kill Gun, but will it be revealed in the future work!?"

[Translated via my personalized ML tools, so take it with a grain of salt...]
Nov 7, 2016
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I can see an announcement this summer for Season 2, finishing on September.