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Burn the Witch (General Manga Info)

Mar 24, 2013
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Unfortunately I don't have access to my scanner but I can at least translate certain parts of the German book into English.


What I want is that you see a perfect human
What I want that you love is the human I am.
What I want that you ignore is the human
located somewhere inbetween.

I could find three additional cartoons:

The first one shows Osuchi which is in the German translation a dog. He is daydreaming. His favourite person is Noel followed by her friend and partner Ninny. This is followed by food, then something that could be a collar with a bell, then sunshine, then a flower. Towards the end there is a symbol that looks like water and at the very end is Balgo.

Dragon Encyclopedia I
In the first chapter dragon expert Noel didn't recognize this type of dragon because the dragon grew because of the use of blackness to an enormous size. Is suitable to be kept as a pet. It had the size of a cat. If he is raised well his hair and fluids can be used for magical purposes. Because he has only low magical power, with permission he can also be kept by civilians.

Dragon Encyclopedia II
Planty Potty
A dragon for planting with a skin that feels like clay. Depending on the type, some of them are better suited for certain plants than others. It is also possible that his personality changes when you put another kind of plant into it. He doesn't die if the plant inside does but becomes limp.

Tite Kubo comment:

It is on a black page below a sleeping Osuchi:

For years I dreamt of a life in which I can draw Manga at my own pace. Finally, my dream became a reality! It is wonderful!


Jun 2, 2013
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There are some new BTW goodies out there. The official BTW Twitter announced that new T-shirts, mugs, keychains and hoodies are available: https://twitter.com/BTW_anime/status/1388040594287562754