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About Advertising in BA

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Mar 24, 2013
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The basic rule about advertising in BA is that it is not allowed. Not counting exceptions I will talk about later, all advertising that is not about news will be deleted.

As a clarification sharing and submitting of Bleach artwork (fan and professionals), links to Bleach fanfiction, Bleach webcomics, Bleach fan translations and Bleach video clips are allowed and very welcome. When you use the work of another person, if you can you should give credit. Consider if the work you share or submit is workplace save. Otherwise don't post it or use the NSFW (not save for workplace) protection involving spoiler protection. Still, at the end moderators will decide if the work in question can stay. Also, any bashing (like in Bleach hate videos) has no place in BA.

What we want to allow is this:

You may advertise your OWN work in your signature. Some people do this already, providing a link to their fanfiction account, usually located in the Bleach fanfiction net. It has to be text only, not intrusive, and very short. Like this or similar:

My fanfiction account [Link]
My original novel [Link]
My original short story [Link]
My blog [Link]

If you want to point out other works you made, the pattern is the same. We may check such links. If a moderator thinks the contents of that link is for any reason inappropriate, it will be deleted.

Any works such links point to can only be discussed in private. Any advertising attempts to get into more detail in public BA will be deleted.
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